The Grump Methodology is a comprehensive technique that looks behind the scenes at institutional traders and their movements. 

The Methodology looks at the institutional traders’ setups to reveal how they communicate using time and price, what they look to accomplish versus other professional traders, and what they are looking to do to separate you, the retail trader, from your trading dollar.

We don’t talk theory or teach nonsense like many “gurus” do. The Methodology is predictive not reactive. We show you how to calculate the specific price point that institutions and professionals use. You learn where, and more importantly why, these potential turning points exist in advance of the numbers being reached.

You learn to think along the same lines as the institutions and to effectively apply it in retailer form…i.e. small stops! We typically have between 10 minutes to 3hours lead time, or advance notice, on these price points. Some will even have >24 hours lead time!

From specific price points, to sweeps, and through the balance of the market, this Methodology is designed to “bridge the gap” between institutional traders and retailers. It allows you to “learn the language” that is spoken and level the playing field to give you a fighting chance to succeed.

I have been teaching this Methodology to traders for over 16 years. ALWAYS in small groups and only the S&P 500 e-mini. Since we are not indicator based there is no “One size fits all” to entice you into a package because it is universal to all markets.

We trade the ES. Period.

Sorry, can’t claim I’ve trained thousands or even hundreds. In fact, less than 45. I would much rather do a fantastic job with a few traders that really want to learn what makes the this particular market tick, than to reveal to the masses who may not be as dedicated.

We focus on making money in the S&P 500 by tracking the movements and habits of the institutional and professional traders. Done with Time and Price. Simple math. We are not “area” traders or use faded entries! If there are 10 room members they will all come up with the same specific price point off a given setup. Entries utilize limit orders and no more than 2 point stops. No market orders. The tic you give up is important!

For those of you that may not be aware of the Grumpee name origin. I am not really a grumpy individual. Folks tell me I am rather personable actually. My granddaughter simply couldn’t say Grandpa. First words out of her mouth were grumpee and it stuck.